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Woof Wear Medical Hoof Boot

Woof Wear

Woof Wear Medical Hoof Boot


Save time and money with Woof Wear’s all new Medical Hoof Boot! This boot fits closely to the foot, providing the protection your horse needs during injury or wound rehabilitation. Perfect for aiding treatment of abscesses, punctured soles, and bruised soles. Keeps wounds, poultices, and dressings clean

Can be used with or without shoes

Safe for the stall or during turnout

Durable- suitable for repeated use

Tread on sole for improved grip

Kevlar interior for added durability

Unique diagonal zipper design to prevent zip from opening

Not designed for riding

Not intended to be used as an overreach boot- if your horse is inclined to overreach or stands on its own hooves, then an overreach boot should be used over the Medical Hoof Boot to protect both the horse and the boot from damage.


2-95-103mm; 3-104-112mm; 4-113-121mm; 5-122-130mm; 6-131-139mm; 7-140-148mm; 8-149-157mm


Measure the width of your horse's hoof at the widest point before bandaging, with or without a shoe.

Order the boot that your horse measures for exactly. Do not go up a size. Room for dressings and bandages has already been accounted for.

The Woof Wear Medical Hoof boot has been designed to fit closely around the hoof and be a stretch fit around the pastern. If this is achieved, the boot will not fall off and is less likely to be trodden on with the other foot.

If it is your intention to use on both front, or hind feet, and your horse is particularly ‘active’ or a bit close in his action, the risk of standing on the boot with the opposite foot is higher due to the decreased distance between the two feet. In this case you can use an overreach boot over the top of the Medical Hoof Boot to protect it.

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