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ThinLine Trifecta Cotton 1/2 Pad


ThinLine Trifecta Cotton 1/2 Pad


The ThinLine® Trifecta Cotton Half Pad offers multiple benefits for horse comfort. Designed with a contoured wither profile and spine-free channel, it fits comfortably and securely on the horse’s back to deliver maximum stability.

ThinLine performance foam delivers maximum shock absorption with minimal bulk. As it absorbs movement, it may help stabilize the rider by reducing excess movement. ThinLine ventilates heat and moisture, and is low maintenance and extremely durable. Antifungal and antimicrobial properties keep it hygienic.

This half pad has pockets for Thinline Trifecta Cotton Half Pad Shims to be inserted in the front or the back. These shims, also called inserts, help address minor saddle fitting issues. With the assistance and recommendation of a qualified saddle fitter, shims can help adjust the fit of a saddle on an asymmetrical horse or help fit a saddle that may sit a little low or may be slightly too big.

Shims or inserts will not help the fit of a saddle that is too tight, and in fact can make the tight fit worse. If you would like help concerning shims/inserts and correction pads, customer service representatives in our call center and retail associates in our stores are trained and eager to help.

Medium: fits most saddles 171/2" and under.

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